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Monday, May 28, 2012

See you on the other side

Packing a bag for the hospital reminds me of picking out the outfit for my first son to wear home from the hospital: Something comfortable with buttons that can be slept in, washable a plus. Somehow this is way less fun. Now all I have to do is cram in all the things I won't be able to do for at least 6 weeks.  Options include: Finish painting the 3d floor ceiling (task which clued me in to the severity of current neck problem), drive myself around all over town or hone my hip hop dance moves. 

Instead, I'm giving my husband the list of people to call/email after, relocating all the power cords for my fave gadgetry and testing out the sweet granny grabber my neighbor got me.  Next up, buying all the drinkable groceries I can think of.  I've also decided to allocate some post-surgery thinking time to solving the dilemna that is laundry.  No matter what the life event, it seems like far too much time has to be spent dealing with smelly clothes. Not many options really, considering public nudity laws but its too soon to rule out some edible/instantly biodegradable possibilities. 

Next post:  Drug-induced, wonky and even more stream of consciousness.  You have been warned. 


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