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Friday, May 18, 2012

Countdown getting serious

Little over 1 week to go and I'm ratcheting up the preparation level.  Since its the end of school, I'm sending my kids to stay with my parents for the week to spare them the joy of watching me sleep on the couch and drool on myself.  Current status = somewhere past 50%: 

Disability forms submitted?  Check. 
Work projects completed?  Sort of check. 
Kids end of school party nonsense/projects completed/prescriptions filled for trip?  Check.  

In addition to bangin', motorized recliner I've got coming, I've ordered the arc4life pillow (thank you Queen of Neck Pillows) and am eyeballing foam wedge pillows in the hopes of sleeping in my bed.  We bought a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress last year and I already miss it :( 

Searching for a ray of hope about recovery time landed me here:

Experience Read stories from people who say...

I've been forced to tell people at work who are trying to schedule meetings for me that I'm not sure how long I'll be out after the surgery.  When they gasp and start sympathetically clucking at me its surely not helping, much.  Major shout out to my "work sister":  She has been so helpful - reassuring me that she'll cover my projects while I'm out.  This past month we've been working on a 3-day training seminar that I'm traveling for next week and the preparation has helped pass the time, no doubt.  No one can say I didn't try to impart all I know before going! 

Now all I need to do is not jack my neck up even worse grabbing my luggage off the carousel again.  Maybe I should bring a collar so I can convince people to help me retrieve it?  My husband tells me I don't look like I'm in enough agony to be needing surgery, whatever that means.  Must practice damsell-in-distress / pain-face more, I guess.  Here's hoping I am this tough afterwards. 


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