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Thursday, May 10, 2012

More reasons why I am an idiot

After getting through an unrelated medical issue last summer, I renewed my fitness regimen with perhaps a bit too much vigor.  Push ups while suspending from swinging straps? Sure thing, I'll give you 25!  Road cycling in the rain on rural, shoulderless roads?  Why not.  Four weeks in, I thought, ow, my arm is killing me, I really am out of shape.  More acrobatics please! 

Then Dr. Doesn'tHaveAMedicalDegree decided she had "pulled a ligament" which was why I couldn't lift my dominant arm.  Der.  Let's sit on that for 3 months and see if it gets better.  Meanwhile, let me continue with my numerous activities entailing exactly the same head and arm positioning:  Desk work, reading, piano, cycling and my tablet addiction.

It wasn't until I was unable to sleep the night without agonizing pain in my shoulder and bicep that I figured some actual doctoring was needed.  Coupla X-rays later, I think I've got the best neck in the whole world and some Alleve would do the trick.  Yeah, that didn't work at all. 

After a week of steroids, I felt like I was 75% better but was probably only 50%.  I didn't realize until that initial PT evaluation how limited my neck range of motion was.  6 weeks later, I'm still getting what seems like random bouts of tingling and pain in my left arm.  I've started using ice finally and finding some relief there.  Tried the muscle relaxers once and drunk-worked myself through that whole day.  Finally settled on a medication regiment that involved low dose pain relievers at night and during the day as needed.


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