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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Peyton Manning and Jason Derulo

Oh, that's the same surgery Peyton Manning had and he's already throwing footballs and dodging sacks?  I'm sure I'll bounce back in exactly the same way.  Now that I've sort of stopped feeling sorry for myself and watched enough skeevy You Tube videos of the surgery, all I can focus on is planning for how I'll get through the recovery period.  I'm in full-on worst-case-scenario preparation mode.  Aside from straightening out the details for being out of work for N weeks, all I can think of is "what am I going to do with myself???" 

So here's where I start stockpiling back episodes of TV shows I missed:  Breaking Bad, Dr. Who and The Walking Dead.  Let's see, that should last me about a week.  Next up:  5 non e-reader books from the TBR pile.  Thank you!  So, I think I've covered maybe 8 days...Since my surgery is going to pretty much devour the best part of the summer, I'm stuck with nothing but reality TV.  I'm almost as scared by the prospect of 6 weeks of Big Brother as I am about the possibility of not being able to speak or swallow after the surgery.

Plan hatched at 2:00 a.m.:  As soon as I'm able to walk, I'll get up every day and walk the 1.3 miles to the movie theater and see a matinee!  By then, it will be deep in the heart of blockbuster summer movies so surely I can find something worth $8 bucks, right?  Fast forward to the "next" morning, when I realize that girl in a neck brace won't be able to turn her head to see all the cars of the 8 lanes of traffic I'd have to cross to get to the theater. 

I guess I'll have to content myself with bedazzling my neck brace a la Jason Derulo:


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