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The Scar: Photo Retrospective

2 Years

2 Years: Neck Rotation

2 Years: Lateral Flexion (Side Bending)

12 Months

6 Months

3 Months

9 Weeks

6 Weeks

5 Weeks

4 Weeks

3 Weeks

2 Weeks
1 Week


Nicole Rusenko said...

Hi! Your post brought happy tears to my eyes. I just got this surgery the other day the looking at the scar on my hip and neck just kill me. My sister's wedding is in 5 months and mine is just 3 months after. I would love to be able to send you an email...mine is if i could ask you questions about your healing process

R Palmer said...

Hi Nicole!
I am so glad you felt relieved looking at these. I was really worried about the scar too but I hardly notice it now. I will email you if you want to chat more. Hope you're feeling well.

Nicole Rusenko said...

An email, would be wonderful! Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm just over 2 weeks post ACDF C5-C6, but already stressing over how I'll look at a formal event I'm attending in 7 weeks. Your 9 week pic looks pretty good! Did you ever successfully cover your scar with make-up?

Also, I'd love to say thanks for sharing your entire experience. It helped me quite a bit before the surgery and I guess it still is!

Maria Morano said...

Hi, This is amazing. I go for surgery next month and I'm scared to death. Can you please share your after surgery care and which products you used to help your scar heal so nicely?

Maria Morano said...

Can you please email me:

Thank you.

Issey Ekayaim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TiffanyNorris said...

I'm using dermalmd scar serum for the second time for second neck surgery scar. It was recommended by my dermatologist who also told me that mederma is just like using Vaseline. My first scar is not noticeable. My latest scar has become flatter, losing color and becoming less noticeable. It only takes a tiny amount or it will be sticky. You also have to be patient.

Fuzzard said...

I had ACDF surgery 4 months ago and have full movement of my neck, no back pain and all symptoms to my arm have been relieved. The scar is still quite prominent and I am applying bio oil.

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