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Charts and Graphs?

Because I clearly have too much time on my hands, I've been using Nike+ to track my walks (even though its for runners).  Much to my delight, I found out it will display this impressive-looking graph of my walking activity since the surgery. 

Walks since surgery

Even more fun for the uber-competitive is this:

92.3 miles in the last  month! Go me.

This chart clearly shows not only the rapid decline in painkillers over the first week but also the extent to which I am starting to go stir crazy (hence the need to create a graph of my meds):

Somewhat related to chart 1 is this helpful Venn diagram of my food intake:


Unknown said...

Hi are people still resounding here? Looking for an outlet re my surgery

R Palmer said...

Hi Unknown,
First of all let me thank you for being the first to honor my goofy charts and graphs page with a comment. You can tell I was still feeling the meds when I made this! I am still responding and would like to hear how you're doing. Thinking of soliciting guest posts if you're up for it since I have no new news to report. Stay tuned for an update!

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