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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 Weeks post 2-level Cervical Fusion AND its my Birthday!

44 years old is looking pretty darn good from my perspective.  Or, as my kids told me, I could pass for somewhere in my 30's.  I will definitely take that. Somewhat tempering this little nugget, they decided to give me a double dose of grumpy pre-teen this morning.  My approach was to ignore them and throw muffins in their direction until it subsided.  I'm sure they appreciated this display of maturity.

I don't go back in to see the doctor for a final checkup for a couple more weeks but I am sure it's just a formality.  After just a few trips back out on the bike, the continuous checking over my left shoulder for traffic as I was making turns has given me back my full range of motion (at least in that direction).  I am definitely seeing the benefit of the Ergotron monitor/keyboard stand in terms of my neck fatigue at the end of the day.  (Details here). I have no pain or stiffness at all at the end of the day now and I always did before the surgery.  Surprisingly, standing for hours a day hasn't been an issue either which I chalk up to all the walking. 

Symptom Check:
The numbness in my hand still becomes noticeable when I exercise but to a much lesser extent.  I haven't had any tingling in my hand for a couple of weeks.  The scar itself looks pretty much the same but sensation is slowly improving with it.  I think there is still a little altered sensation just below my chin on the same side as the scar, from where the neck brace was rubbing. 

I'm still having some minor stiffness and neck creaking/cracking when I get up in the morning.  I haven't fully adjusted to the cervical traction pillow but the trapezius pain I used to think was my norm is gone.  I think now that was a longstanding symptom I'd just gotten used to having all the time.

Birthday Check:
Post-work 5-mile walk in the rain was my present to myself (finally temps below 90!) followed up by a glass of my fave Orin Swift vintage while I wait for my husband to finish cooking me dinner.  Only presents I need:  My health, gainful employment, good friends and family!



Dear R Palmer have you had a post-op CT scan? Did you surgeon use Infuse® bone graft in combination with a PEEK spacer, cage?

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