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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 1 post-surgery: baby food!

After a lovely hospital breakfast of apple juice and apple sauce, I got home around 10:00 a.m. Went straight to pharmacy to get Percocet, muscle relaxers and laxatives. Still itching like mad, but I'm getting around better by myself. Spent all day parked in the recliner, drinking water continuously to stave off constipation.

Also, no matter what I do, I'm swallowing air when I eat or drink so there's lots of burping. Throat REALLY sore today. Feels swollen and a bit raw, which makes swallowing hurt, kind of like strep feels. When I started coughing, got a little nervous I was infected from the ETT. Called the nurse and she said it was too early to have an infection. So more liquids, etc. Getting the pills down is ok but a bit of a struggle. Cough drop helped a little.

Only foods I can get down are applesauce, some cut up peaches in juice. My husband made me some vegetable soup with chicken broth and pureed it until it was totally smooth. Tried yoghurt but it seems to upset my stomach. Popsicles seem to do the trick very nicely but I have a towel stuck in the front of my brace because I keep dropping food on myself.

Left arm pain still noticeably absent and numbness in thumb seems almost gone. Surgeon said he found and removed bone spurs which he thought were contributing to my pain. Unfortunately, meds make me so wonky, I cant read or concentrate on anything but mindless TV.

Even though I'm getting around, I tire pretty easily so really need someone to help with getting water, remembering pills, getting blankets, pillows, etc. Took a 2 hour nap but I am shooting for a normal bedtime and sleep interrupted only by midnight Percocet.


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