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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pre-op labs

So there went 5 hours I'll never get back. Two blood pressures, a temp and a bunch of consent forms. Granted there was A LOT of waiting around, thanks to the lady with an earlier appointment who got lost for an hour on her way from the parking lot. Singlehandedly raised the BP of everyone else waiting for her. I'm actually surprised I didn't get lost myself in the labryinth of habitrail hospital buildings. Being a non-smoker with no chronic conditions did not get me a free pass unfortunately but I did tell everyone who wanted to know. The first intake nurse had actually had this surgery as well. She showed me her scar which wasn't bad at all. She confirmed that my surgeon did recommend the neck brace for 6 weeks (ayeee!) and that my throat would be pretty sore for about a week. No driving until the neck brace is off which I'd kinda forgotten about...fortunately my husband and I work in the same building so that will give me some hope to get back to work part-time, sooner. My last day in the office is tomorrow because I'm squeezing in one last trip through the end of the week. What was I thinking?


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