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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Discharged after 1 night!

Early morning day two, and I'm getting ready to go home already! All the various tubes etc. attached have been removed. I didn't get too much sleep but was able to nod off for about 4-5 hours. The drainage tube in the incision was uncomfortable when the nurse removed it because it was sewn into the incision. Lots of cutting and tugging, owie!

Good thing I've been practicing sleeping on my back (well I had to because of the neck and arm pain). Slept almost upright in the hospital bed which was the only way to get comfortable. I will not miss the constant monitoring of vitals, for sure.

The anesthesiologist and OR nurse came by to see how I was doing but I haven't seen the surgeon. He did talk to my husband yesterday but I had more questions for him. I guess those will wait until the first follow-up in two weeks.

After all my worry, I am pretty confident I can do this. Thank you modern medicine!


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