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Sunday, June 23, 2013

12 months post surgery - Status Update

Somehow this year got past me without a timely update which must speak well for having been able to get on with things not letting my neck hold me back.  I've met so many who have had this same surgery in the past 12 months but alas, not many are blogging or posting on message boards to share success or positive outcomes.

In case prior posts were equivocal, let me say again plainly - I could not be happier with how the surgery went, my recovery and return to normal activity.  The constant nagging ache in my neck and shoulders is gone and I have regained the grip strength and function in my left arm which I had lost.  My neck around the incision has almost fully regained sensation after being numb for about 10 months.

I have had two instances where some similar pain returned for a few hours - both times I was doing activity I knew would probably cause problems (repetetive lifting heavy boxes and then driving for long distances and high intensity exercise classes).  So, I have to say there are simply some things I can do but should and do not because they can bring back some arm pain.  I have stopped running altogether, do not lift more than 25 pounds or so and in general avoid high impact movements like trampolines, roller coasters, etc.

I'm only 45 so the prospect of needing future surgery is something I wonder about but frankly, I don't worry about it and just try to be positive about what I can do to stay healthy.  I've signed up for my first yoga class this week which is something I never thought I'd do, having spent most of my life engaged in sports that involved running and pounding.  Om?

What 1 item helped you the most after surgery?

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