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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stairway Butt Luge: Not Recommended

The title of this post is dirtier than intended - never fear, this post is G-rated. So I was feeling great yesterday. I worked four days this week, about 4-5 hours a day and really had no major problems. I took a lot of breaks and spread the work out so I wasn't staring fixedly at the screen for too long. No pain in the neck, shoulders or back, yippee!

So its Friday night and I'm getting ready to get my margarita on at our favorite Mexican cantina. I had gone upstairs to get my sewing machine which I was loaning to a friend. I'm carrying it by the handle (its not heavy), have one hand on the rail and I'm wearing my brace like a good girl. On the second step from the top, my sneaker slips, both feet are in the air and I land, hard, on my rump and bump all the way down. (Sounds like a kesser-known Dr. Seuss). Aside from the noise I made dropping the sewing machine, it was quite a clatter.

My kids came running with horrified looks in their faces. Somehow I realize as I'm sitting there assessing, I managed not to bang my head or torque my neck at all. Aside from my throbbing butt, I'm okay. As I stand up, it feels like that character's toe in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka":

I ring up the neurosurgeon on call and he says as long as I don't have any new pain or tingling, not to worry. Unfortunately, the Tylenol I took didn't quite help enough for me to be able to sit in the wooden chair at the restaurant for long. Back to my old friend Ultram and bed. Fortunately, this morning, I feel much better. Its still seriously sore but I can tell its just a bad bruise of the tushy, I'll spare you the pics. I got up early and walked 5.5 miles, rough at first but better afterwards. As if I needed another reminder to be careful on the stairs!


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