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Thursday, June 7, 2012

First field trip, mood swings and bad breath :)

After not going anywhere for 9 days other than my neighborhood walking trails, stir crazy has taken on a newer and fuller meaning. So when my husband called asking me to get some items together to register my son for soccer, I "sprang" into action. Birth certificate, health forms, code of conduct, triple check. Small passport size photo? What on earth, no. So I snap one with the digital camera thinking I'll just print it but of course there's no ink. So I transferred it to a zip drive so we could print it at the drugstore. After convincing him to take me, battle of the unduly sensitive touch screen ensued. After nearly bursting into tears and then getting stabby, I forgot why I wanted to leave the house in the first place.

I have tapered off the Vicodin pretty aggressively (if you checked out the new charts and graphs page you already know!). I am wondering if I am having some side effects from the meds and/or withdrawal from them. The mood swings have only happened for the last two days, after I am down to a pill and a half per day. The other neat little thing I've noticed is a nearly fatal case of Halitosis. I'm brushing my teeth 3 times a day but its hardly helping. Sorry Hubs!

Not to be deterred by a little hormone spike, I went ahead with plans to have dinner out for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn't pay enough attention to the part of the hospital discharge instructions that said to avoid long trips by car. Even though the restaurant was only 15 minutes away, with my not so gentle-driving Dad at the helm, every bump of those back roads hurt. Why I had to make reservations at to some backwoods eatery, I don't know. Sitting in the wooden chair for 90 minutes wasn't too bad but by the time we were done, I was ready for the recliner. All in all, a good reminder that I am still in recovery. Day 9: physical status=9, mental status=8.


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