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Sunday, June 10, 2012

No pain but boredom gaining on me: Day 12

Even without resuming household chores (other than clearing the occasional dirty dish), I still feel like I may be doing too much. In the absence of actual pain, I think I was so used to functioning while in real pain for so long, I don't think anything of marching along feeling stiff and achy in my neck and upper back. By the afternoon, say 2-o'clock, even if all I've done is walk, watch TV or fool around on the computer, I'm wiped out.  Now my 2-week checkup is looming and I'm fretting what the X-ray will show and my level of readiness to go back to work.

Truly, being totally dependent for my needs is a drag. I had to call for help today getting out of a sports bra because it was caught up in the collar. I probably could have managed it if I took the collar off but I'm convinced I'll torque my neck somehow so I'm not risking it. When my sister came to take me to Staples to get printer ink, I was so excited it was sad. Alas, after I get out somewhere, pretty quickly I'm looking to go home.

For those still keeping track, I have stopped all painkillers but have 1/2 a Vicodin at bedtime. I never really felt like the muscle relaxers did anything but add to my overall feeling wonky so I have discontinued those completely as well. What I can see of the incision looks pretty good. The steri-strips are loose so I've been peeling them off little by little. I am also happily fully back to a normal diet, including my appreciation for coffee, albeit in a much more limited fashion.

Another positive development is the new neck brace is so much better I sometimes (wait for it) FORGET I HAVE IT ON. Shocking, I know. From what I have read of others' reoveries, it seems I've been pretty lucky from the pain standpoint though, so no complaints here. Wishing the same for all you fellow future cyborgs as well!


Ken said...

Hey - don't beat yourself up - you should be doing very little at this point but resting. I remember at 2 weeks walking was a chore, made me very tired. I slept a LOT ... Scout out a good physical therapist (I tweeted back to you on this)... you have ONE SHOT to make this recovery work. I have pretty much restored ROM in my neck to pre-op conditions (my neck was wrecked to begin with). Cycling is still a big challenge, but one I am going to start facing head on (or neck on, as it were). Hang in there... The neck brace was a 'nice to have' to remind you and even help you along with pain management, but if you are held together internally with titanium plate like I am, that neck is not going ANYWHERE! Hang in there, keep the faith and take one day at a time! -Ken (@ken4health on Twitter).

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