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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back on the sauce and wig shopping

Right after the doctor told me I had to wear the neck brace 24-7 for 3 more weeks, I started taking it off for short periods of time, starting with the shower.  I'm careful about not moving around too much but it feels so stiff I don't really want to move it.  We had some people over for dinner last night and sitting at the bar trying to talk to someone next to me was impossible so I took the stupid thing off again.  What a relief!  One glass of sangria later and I almost forgot to put it back on. 

Then today I notice my diligence in wearing the brace has resulted in a delightful rash under the collar where the base presses on my sternum.  I am washing the pads a lot and still this thing is irritating me.  Grrrr!  On top of this new development, the last few days I have been absolutely lethargic.  No increase in activity (the opposite) but I am unable to get off the couch. 

Ironically, despite all this lounging about reading celebrity biographies (I know, right?) I can't sleep at all.  I got up and took some Tylenol PM last night but it seemed to have the opposite effect.  I may go back to the good stuff if I'm still sleepless tonight.  I'm aching in my neck, shoulders and back and my first post-surgical attempt at drying and styling my hair left me completely exhausted.  That will be the end of that, next up, ponytails and wigs. 

On the upside, the kids and I walked to the grocery store today and bought groceries to cook dinner for Father's Day.  100% Kid-inspired menu: Yellow Snow Risotto, World's Most Dangerous Vegetable (corn on the cob because of the pointy holders), You're a Dork Pork Tenderloin and Yellow Snow Dog Dirt Cake. 


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