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Monday, June 4, 2012

6 days is too soon to try to work!

I've been progressing so well, I logged on to my work computer just to respond to some emails, or so I thought. 2 hours later, I'm still typing and I have a headache. I propped the laptop up so I wouldnt have to look down but it still was a strain. So I got up and walked for an hour but it was so hot I sweated all over the stupid neck brace pads. My husband went back to work today so I'm on my own, hence the rash of poor decisions, I guess.

After showering, I had to change the neck brace pads myself. After washing them out, I had to stand up to put it back on and it was harder than I thought. I was holding myself so stiffly my neck and shoulders were pretty painful. Now that I'm down to 1/2 doses of Vicodin, I'm much more aware of my pain levels. My front incisor is tender and sensitive to temperature. i'm guessing it got banged during intubation or extubation. Good thing I'm still not eating hard foods though, I'm still eating a soft, bland diet. Unwittingly, I guess this has been a surgery-induced cleanse - no caffeine, alcohol or fatty foods. I've lost 10 pounds so far, but I think that will level off.


Adrianna Smyth said...

Why no caffeine or fatty foods? I had my daughter bring me s latte in the hospital two hours after surgery! I had a single-level acdf 6 days ago and am eating everything...

Adrianna Smyth said...

By the way, very little pain, other than throat, through the whole thing. No pain meds other than Tylenol, but single- level is essier.

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