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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mumford and Sons and Donna Summer

I hope too much walking doesn't adversely affect my fusion because I am clinging to the lifeline of my only activity.  Yes, I am getting an awful reverse-dickey tan line on my neck but I don't care.  In my former pre-cyborg life, I would run to the beat of the songs on my ipod.  Now that I am relegated to walking, there's a lot of embarrassing finger dancing going on.  I've found that Mumford and Sons' Little Lion Man and Donna Summer's Bad Girls have a bpm that pretty well matches my walking pace which somewhat obviates the need for finger shimmying but not completely.  Thank goodness my kids don't walk with me because the combination of neck brace, speed walking and jazzy fingers would surely drive them over the edge with mombarrassment.

At 10 days out I am finding myself actually more at ease with the slowed down pace of things.  Pre-surgery I joked about how maternity leave was my favorite vacation ever.  This period has been the longest time I've ever spent away from work but so far I am making the most of it.  Being able to spend every day doing nothing but taking care of your body is a luxury that I've never had. 

I used to say if I did not work (outside of the home) I'd be the fittest, craftiest, dinner-on-the-table-at-5 mom ever.  I don't know about dinner but I'd definitely be fit.  The lemons into lemonade part of recovery is definitely being well-rested, eating right (mostly because of the nausea-induced vegetarianism) and walking 4-5 miles every day.  When I used to jog, if I could fit in 3 times a week it was a miracle and I would run about 3.5 miles.  Now that I'm walking slightly more than that 7 days a week, it actually seems to be almost as good a workout.  Who knew? 


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