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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 4 - 4 miles, 4 meals

Day 4 graced me with cooler weather and less itching. Started the day off with a little food (banana) and 2 mile walk. Now that I'm out and about more, I'm getting used to the looks from passersby. I'm still not used to not being able to look down so I'm navigating curbs like a granny.

I've spaced the meds out to almost six hours with no noticeable increase in neck pain. My arm is still pain free with only occasional numbness in the thumb. Unfortunately, the neck brace is driving me nuts. Even after adjusting the pads it still feels too big. I'm wearing a regular Aspen collar but found the Aspen Vista on-line which looks like it might solve my issues because it is more adjustable for a shorter neck. I'm also hoping the wider opening at the front will help with the itching. If I'm really going to wear it for 5 more weeks, I figure it's worth it. Sporty green color a nice bonus!

Although my stomach is mostly settled, I'm still reacting strongly to smells like coffee and mulch. Having trouble eating protein or milk-based foods but did branch out to mashed potatoes. For those still interested, five days without a productive trip to the loo were a few too many. Oy!


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