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Friday, July 13, 2012

Its Official: Almost fully fused at 6 weeks

I am apparently a superb healer.  Okay, he didn't say that but on Wednesday at my follow-up appointment, the doctor did tell me my Xrays looked fantastic.  Of course I already knew that because I took a peek at the screen while I was waiting for him.  Even to my layperson's eye, I could see that the vertebrae were well on their way to fusion.  The plate and screws looked in good position (I guess) although I was surprised at how long the screws were, eek.  Most importantly, the wicked awful kyphosis was gone and my neck actually had normal lordosis. 

He did suggest a follow-up in another 6 weeks just to see how things had progressed.  In the meantime, I am free to return to unrestricted activities except he did not recommend a return to jogging.  Small :( because I kind of hated running but did it because it was free, easy to schedule and quick.  We talked about other activities I could do beyond ellipticals (bo-ring) and he okayed swimming and cycling.  Before I got back on the bike he suggested I see a cycling kinesiologist, fancy, I know.  Just a precaution to make sure my bike was set up properly so riding long distances wouldn't put undue strain on my neck.  Don't misunderstand, I'm no super cyclist or anything, I just bought a road bike before doing a sprint triathlon 2 years ago (right before my body fell apart) and I have mostly just ridden for fitness, short rides of 20-30 miles. 

So off I run to schedule the appointment for a bike fitting.  More fun than a dress fitting for sure because the bike always fits and you don't have to hold your breath to do it! I just got back from there and it was the best $150 I've spent in a while.  After watching me pedal for a bit, he measured me and the bike in a hundred different ways and made several what seemed to be minor adjustments to the seat and voila, I'm much more comfortable pedaling and feel like I could go forever.  New pedals and cleats for my shoes and I'm off! 

I've also started my own gentle stretching to to try to increase my range of motion.  Just a few times a day and I can already tell the difference.  It still feels tight but I no longer feel like I'm going to snap something if I hold the stretch too long.  It might be the adrenalin from getting the all-clear from the doc, but I feel almost 100% normal most of the time.  Occasionally I will move my head quickly to look up at an angle say, and I feel a small pull.  Otherwise, I couldn't be happier with the result. 


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