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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 Weeks after fusion: Back on the Bike!

One week out of the neck brace and I am feeling truly blessed. I never would have predicted how well I would be feeling. After getting the all-clear last week, I have tried to resume full normal activities, mostly with success. At work, I got the Ergotron installed (finally) and it has been nothing less than fantastic. I love being able to stand up for part of the day because standing is easiest to maintain good posture:

With this setup, I'm working full days (9-10 hours) with no pain, no stiffness.  Being able to adjust between sitting and standing makes me feel much more active and keeps me from being stuck in the same position all day. 

I have of course not been able to keep up my daily walking as easily now that work has fully devoured me again. To stave that off, I finally got back out on the road on my bike again today. Even though it was 95 degrees(!) it was a great feeling to get back out. I just did 10 miles but the neck feels fine.   Looking over my left shoulder for traffic was a little challenging but I was able to do so and felt safe.  Next up, giving spin class another try tomorrow to get back in shape. 


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