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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2 Years Still Going Strong

Whoops, I meant to put in an update marking two years in May but it passed me by somehow.  I've gotten lots of new feedback from folks who have found this helpful so I will keep at it a bit longer.  Not too much new to report which is not insignificant to me because it means I've had no return of symptoms or worsening.  I'm still using the standing desk at work for half of the day and have become a bit of an ambassador for the stand-up meeting.

One of the lasting effects from the whole ordeal is that I have gained about 10 pounds since the surgery.  Not a huge amount but an annoying extra chubbiness primarily because I still haven't found a replacement for the easy exercise fix I used to get from running.  The other permanent effects are the restrictions on how much I can bend and rotate my neck.  In case you're interested, I uploaded two short videos (uploaded to the Photos section).

I would love to hear from any of you who have had a return to greater range of motion.   Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog. I had the same surgery just this past Thursday, June 27, 2014. I'm looking forward to reading your posts from start to finish during my recovery. I hope you are well.

Paul said...

Hi your blog is awesome! Just had C5-6 acdf yesterday and still pretty beat up. How long did it take for your hand numbness to completely resolve? Thanks!

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